KTC Convention and Apartment Sdn. Bhd was incorporated on 7th April 2009, Our core bussiness activities are to provide facilities for hospitality that include of Apartment Hotel, Convention, Event and Exhibition hall.

The establishment of KTC Convention and Apartment Sdn. Bhd is due to bussiness joint venture of three companies. These three companies are Kelkon Ddn Bhd, R-Rehal Resources Sdn Bhd and Prokel Management Sdn Bhd. The idea for joint venture triggered when the construction of Kelantan Trade Centre as a new landmark  for Kelantan state is almost complete.

Through the combination by these shareholders, KTC Convention and Apartment Sdn Bhd already have a strong backbone in its corporate structure. Prokel Management Sdn Bhd and R-Rehal Resources will plays the function in providing expertise management team, where as Kelkon Sdn Bhd will be responsible in supplying adequate valuable resources to support the business operation of KTC Convention and Apartment Sdn Bhd.